About Us

Everyone understands the important part our dogs play in our lives. After an early retirement from my corporate job, I was able to spend more time with my best friend – our rescue dog, Mr. Bear. Having always led a healthy lifestyle, I wanted the best for Mr. Bear and so I began researching healthy dog food. I found that there was always some catch, whether it’s artificial colors or China-based ingredients. It only made sense that I develop my own natural treats so that I know exactly what goes into them.


That’s when Green Butterfly Brands introduced a line of all-natural treats, made in the USA. All our treats are healthy, safe, realistically priced, and quality tested by my family’s pups. We have since added a new furry member to our family, fellow rescue, Miss Demoiselle.


Furthermore, having a son who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and being an American company, I made it our mission to give back to our troops. That’s why a portion of our proceeds are donated to train service dogs for wounded veterans, our military heroes. I look to always keep our company focused on what matters: our country, our family, and, of course, our four-legged friends.


Lauren and the Green Butterfly Brands Team