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Premium Chicken Jerky
Natural Turkey Treats
Wild Caught Salmon Treats
Freeze Dried Chicken Hearts

YOU WANT THE BEST FOR YOUR DOG - Healthy treats made with American sourced ingredients. Our treats are 100% all natural & grain free. Made right here in America with human grade domestic ingredients. No artificial flavors, colors, fillers or preservatives.

TAILS WILL WAGYour dog will love our delicious, lip-smacking tasty treats lovingly made in small batches. Great for sensitive tummies and low fat, low calorie diets.

PERFECT TRAINING TREATOpen the pouch & watch them come running, eager to please! Irresistible protein packed treats for puppy training and every day rewards.

SUPPORT OUR TROOPSWe proudly donate a portion of our proceeds to train service dogs for disabled veterans, our military heroes!

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Your dog will be happy or your money back.



Chicken Jerky Dog Treats
Made in USA Only -

One Ingredient: USDA Grade A Chicken Breast -

No Additives or Preservatives – Grain Free,

All Natural Premium Strips -

Healthy Training Snacks for Dogs

Price: $24.00



Premium Salmon Dog Treats
Made in USA Only -

One Ingredient: Wild Caught American Salmon -

Freeze Dried, Human Grade -

No Additives or Preservatives -

Grain Free

Purr-fect Healthy Cat Snack too

Price: $19.99



Grain Free Dog Treats
Made In USA Only –

All Natural, Healthy Crunchy

Turkey Sticks Dogs Love!

Price: $16.99



Freeze Dried Chicken Hearts
Made In USA

One Ingredient: Natural, Whole Chicken Hearts -

Protein Packed, Human Grade Treats -

No Additives or Preservatives -

Grain Free

Cats Love too!

Price: $17.99




"When I chose Bark at the Moon Turkey Treats, I was thinking of health, but I ended up buying more because of newfound obedience! He will now sit, stay, and "sit up pretty"! "

William S.

"My dogs LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! And I love that they are natural grain free & healthy!"

Missy M.

"I absolutely love that they are made in America, there is no artificial flavors, no steak coloring, there’s no fillers! & no preservatives!"

Amazon Customer


What do our American troops and man's best friend have in common? Loyalty. Every day, they give us their best and it's only right that we give something in return.


Us dog-lovers know that dogs are different than other animals. Their loyalty and love is evident. When was the last time you showed your dog appreciation for their unwavering devotion?

The best way to tell your dog 'thank you' is with Bark at the Moon Natural Turkey Treats. The delicious, slow-roasted turkey taste lets your pup know you care.

The veterinarian-formulated recipe, using 100% gluten-free grain-free American sourced ingredients, will keep your furry friend healthy. We were careful not to allow any fillers, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors into the treats- because we feed them to our own dogs!

It's just as easy to thank our troops. All you have to do is purchase some of our family's All-American Turkey Treats, and a portion of the proceeds will go towards training service dogs for disabled veterans, our military heroes.

Your dog may not know much English, but when you bring him home our tasty low-calorie protein treats, he'll understand 'thank you' loud and clear. Unconditional love deserves a million thanks, but a million Bark at the Moon Natural Turkey Treats works just as well.

Made with Pride in the USA.







"My beagle, Daisy, loved these treats! She did a happy dance around the bag waiting for another one!"

Rhonda D.

"My pup suffers from IBD and is very sensitive to foods. This wonderful product is perfect for her."

Kevin D.

"I still do training with my dog even though she's eight years old (yes, old dogs can learn new tricks! I'm currently teaching her "left" and "right" when she's walking by my side), and these turkey treats work great because I can break off small pieces, and I know that I'm not overfeeding her."






"The perfect treat for your dog. The puppies loved them! They are made in USA & a healthy treat! "

James B.

"Wonderful product, great customer service, and a portion goes to veterans."

Mary M.

"My dog loves these. I like the fact that they are low fat & nutritious. My dog tends to have a weight issue, so I can give him these & not worry about the calories."

Susan M.